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Sand Volleyball


Sand Volleyball is an NCAA term to describe the hottest growing sport in America and the World over. What most have previously known as beach volleyball or beach doubles is exploding in popularity and interest at juniors level through the collegiate ranks and all the way to the Olympics.


Recent status as an NCAA emerging sport has taken the game to new heights for young girls and women seeking to make the change from the hardcourts to the sand. The results of this growth are astonishing. Over 45 schools in the Division 1 and 2 levels have already added programs across the country and countless others are expected and under gravity to do the same in coming years. After several years of hosting by the AVCA, the first official NCAA Championship is slated for Spring of 2016.


It is an exciting and changing time for the game we love.  We know you have quesions and we are here to help gracefully guide you to the game.  Whether you are new to sand volleyball or are a seasoned player, we are confident that we have the tools and resources needed to get you both enyoying and expanding your reach in the game of sand volleyball.





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